Android power saving tips.

Today I’ll blog about saving your droid’s precious battery juice. And without further typing I’ll just go straight to the tips.
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Brace yourselves, “Android M” is coming!

We all knew that Android M would come after android L. What would it look like? What are the new features? 

Well firstly what I can say is that there would be material design, because well, the material design is a HUGE upgrade from the holo theme. I personally love the material design. It has a beautiful UI, vibrant colours and a lot of smooooooth animations. So bascially what I am expecting in android M is, sort of an update like iOS 7 to iOS 8. Just the same design but with more features.

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Windows 10, forever.

Windows 10 will be the last major Windows release, with all subsequent updates issued as regular installments, Microsoft has confirmed.

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