Android power saving tips.

Today I’ll blog about saving your droid’s precious battery juice. And without further typing I’ll just go straight to the tips.

Tip 1

Lower the the time for screen time out to 15 seconds.

Now you might think that this won’t do much, but if you look closely at the battery usage menu, you can see that the screen such most of the powers. Well this is because the continueos change in the display, swiping and stuff sucks most of the powers. And that is why reducing the time which the screen has lit up would save some power.

If you’re using an AMOLED display, a display which the pixels can be turned off when black colour is present. Meaning that those pixels doesn’t really suck power. So if you’re using a Samsung brand mobile. Using a black (not grey, BLACK) screen would save some power.

Also, turning off the automatic brightness would be helpful in this.

Tip 2

Clear the recent apps.

Apps require the attention of the processor and when processors are running with more power, more power from the battery would be needed. So just my clearing the recent apps would save some power. But if you really want to save more, I recommend using Greenify, which is available at the play store (and it’s free). Basically Greenify force-closes the apps which are open in background which would be beneficial if you’re trying to save some battery juice.. If your device isn’t rooted it would just act like a bot and closes after opening the app menu. But if your device is rooted like mine. You can just do this in the background with a help of a widget or just by pressing the “hibernate now” button in the app itself. Obviously this would require root access from SuperSU.

Tip 3

Don’t use RAM cleaning apps

If you’re using a recent firmware of android like Kitkat, or Lollipop, most apps would be automatically closed. However cleaning apps such as Clean Master or DU Battery Saver would stay open in the background. Which in the end would consume more power than the amount you’re trying to save. Because most apps like this are very RAM-consuming and uses aggressive notifications to clean and do stuff. But you can always force close this app manually (if you’re not using Greenify) so that it won’t run in the background.

Tip 4

Use only what you really need.

Turn off the Wi-Fi when you’re out, turn off the Bluetooth when you’re not sharing files or playing media via a BT speaker.

Also if you are using Android Lollipop, the battery saving mode works wonders. Turn it on early if you’re gonna need the phone’s battery to last longer.

I hope that these tips would help you to save some precious juice of your phone’s battery. See you later guys. And keep droiding.

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