Game of Thrones [S05E08]. Eveything you need to know about White Walkers.

Warning: Contains spoilers for the following episode.

The White Walkers are ancient, magical creatures that existed in the Westeros before the arrival of the First Men. 8000 years ago, a winter that lasted a generation called The Long Night came, and in this Winter came the White Walkers, killing everything in it’s path. None knew why they came, or what their end game is. But from the tales all we know is that they didn’t want the people of Westeros to live as free men. However the people of Westeros were able to defeat them, and after their defeat they built The Wall. And created the Night’s Watch as a defense for men if they ever came back.

The White Walkers hail from The Lands of Always Winter, a land far far North where Winter never stops. Their language is called Skroth. When it comes to their appearance, their most distinctive characteristic would be having glowing, pale blue eyes. Eyes that can strike fear to even the toughest men even know to Westeros. Their most common weapon is a spear made from special ice crystals. They have a humanoid appearance, but they differ from men in a lot of ways. Most White Walkers doesn’t wear clothes enough to cover their entire body. But the high ranked ones does. Their skin is pale, grunt and it has a mummified look. They are very tall and has incredible strength.

White Walkers has the ability to do “ice” magic, their magic can shatter swords to bits of ice. No weapon forged by men can kill them. Expect Dragonglass (Obsidian) and Valyrian Steel. When Obsidian is struck on a White Walker, it causes them a great amount of pain, which then makes their body turn into ice and break into pieces, as seen on the show wear Sam kills one of them. Valyrian steel does the same, except only faster. Valyrian steel also has the property that prevents from a White Walkers turning it into ice and breaking it. This is probably because Valyran steel is forged with magic. However their most bad-ass ability is to reanimate the dead into their loyal servants called Whights. Whits also has blue eyes, same as White Walkers. Whights will follow the White Walker’s oders no matter what, as they are their un-dead servants. Any dead can be made into a Whight, except those who were burned. Burning is the only way to kill a Whight.

That is all their is to about White Walkers according to the show Game of Thrones. I plan to write about The Night’s King soon. As a watcher and a fan of Game of Thrones. I have to say that this is by far the best episode of Game of Thrones, I have watched.

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