Man arrested for ‘kidnapping’ his own son, after neighbors didn’t recognize him with his new beard.

After weeks of patience and your bodies’ hard work you get a kick-ass beard. And obviously you would go and have a chill time on at your friend or your neighbor’s house, usually you ending up being a cool guy. Well, not in this case. This guy had no idea what would happen.

Acording to this “39 year old father came to regret his new facial hair after it sparked a police raid on his home”

Swedish dad Torkel Kristoffers recently grew a beard, instead of his clean shaved look. While Torkel was playing with his 2 year old son, Axel, asked his dad to be carried in a grocery bag. And being a cool dad, Torkel agreed in order to make his son happy. However, while Torkel and his son were chillin’ a concerned neighbor spotted Axel being carried in a grocery bag, but since his beard was so kick-ass the neighbor failed to recognize that it was Torkel.

Axel, the baby being carried in the grocery bag by his dad, Torkel.

The neighbor called the police, and obviously this is not going to end well. Torkel was arrested on suspicion of kidnaping his own child.

Police soon realized their mistake and released him. A policewoman confirmed the error, reportedly reassuring the public: “It is currently not a crime to carry a child around in a bag.”

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