7 Apps you must have on your PC (with links)!

Step one; get cash. Step two; buy a laptop. Step three; install some software. But what software should I install first? Say no more my friend. I’m here to help you. There are two types of apps in this world. The apps that you have used, and the apps that you want to use. And this is about the apps you want to use.

1. Google Chrome [or] Firefox

If you are the type of person who uses Internet Explorer, please, please do not be that person. Not only Internet Explorer is slow but it’s ugly and annoying as well. Google Chrome and Firefox by Mozilla are the best browsers for your PC out there. Chrome is super fast and you can sign in it with your Google account. If you’re using an Android-running device, Google Chrome (Android) is the one for you. However you can also use the Firefox app on Android as well. But since Chrome is a stock installed app, you pretty much have nothing more to download to browser in your Android device.

2. CCleaner

What the bullocks is CCleaner? Well, it is a software that cleans your PC. It removes useless files and cache. And it’s pretty damn good at it. This is a free app by Piriform. Yeah, it’s totally free.

3. Internet Download Manager

This is the best damn thing since peanut butter. This does exactly what you want to do when you want to do. Not only Internet Download Manager is good at downloading with super-fast speed. It can also grab links with great power. It can download files with efficient ways. You can create a scheduler to download one file at a time and resume the next one when one is complete. It… It is just amazing. You have to try it. It has a trial version. It’s not a large software, and if you change your mind you can always uninstall it.

4. VLC Media Player

THE BEST FREE media player out there. VLC Media Player can play  MKV movies to FLV video songs. The Windows 8.1 version of, or say the metro version of this app is also available at the Windows Store. VLC does what if was downloaded to do. It can play video you want. It is based on a simple UI and it has a low RAM-consuming build. And it’s totally free.

5. µTorrent

If you don’t know what this weird µ is, this is called Mu, and if you’re a curious guy like me feel free to check it out on Wikipedia. µTorrent is an application that I used to upload and download torrent files. There is pretty much nothing to say about it, apart from the fact that this is one of the most reliable ways to download things. Often while downloading stuff through ‘Direct Download’, the download doesn’t seem to have resume capability or the download stops for no reason at all. In torrent it doesn’t.

6. BlueStacks App Player

Imagine having an Android simulator on your PC. Which you can download, install and play Android apps. Well, BlueStacks App Player is here to fulfill your wish. Any app that you can open from your Android device, you can open it from this app. You can play games, watch movies. You can do anything that you can basically do with your Android phone on your PC via this app.

That is all the apps you need, for now. Like, share and leave a comment.


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