Make your Android look BETTER with a different Resolution (DPI)

Because of Android’s massive array of supported smartphones that carry vastly different display sizes and resolutions, the operating system uses a value known as DPI to determine the size of icons and visual assets that will best suit a given screen.

Pixel Density (or Dots Per Inch) represents the amount of individual pixels in an inch-long line of a given display, and this is the number that Android uses when determining the ideal size for images and icons displayed by one of its apps.


  • Rooted Android Device
  • Unknown Sources Enabled in Settings
  • A custom launcher like Nova  is preferred


  1. Download and install Windows Manipulator. Download from here.
  • Press Install on the next screen, then when that’s finished, tap Open.


  • At this point, Window Manipulator will ask for Superuser privileges. Tap Grant on the popup that appears, then you’ll be taken to the app’s main screen.

  •  Customize Your Screen Density Values

    Window Manipulator provides three main options to customize the screen density on your phone: Density, Screen Size, and Overscan Area. Each option has a Reset button beneath it, so if you get too far away from that stock look, you can always go back.

    Rather than having a specific DPI value for each different device, Android groups displays with similar DPI values together. As such, there are currently 7 different DPIs that Android supports Primarily :

    • 120 (LDPI)
    • 160 (MDPI)
    • 213 (TVDPI)
    • 240 (HDPI)
    • 360 (XHDPI)
    • 480 (XXHDPI)
    • 640(XXXHDPI)

    Tap the Set Density option and enter your desired DPI value. As a general rule, the smaller DPI value you enter here, the smaller your icons and visual assets will appear.And to set the screen size value higher which makes the visual aspects smaller, change the values in the Screen Size option. (make sure to use a value that your phone can handle depending on your screen).The format to use in this field is WIDTHxHEIGHT.

  • If at any time, you feel that you’ve gotten too far off track with these entries, just tap the Reset button beneath any option to revert to the stock values.
  • Reboot to completely apply changes

    When you feel like you’ve found that magic combination of values, reboot your phone to clear any cached images. When you get back up, your phone’s interface will have received quite the makeover.

Enjoy !
Enjoy !

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