How to get the Material Design Bookmark Manager On Chrome

Well, since Google reverted back to the old Bookmarks Manager, here’s a tip for anyone who like the previous Manager.

                    Material Design Bookmark Manager

Now available for free in the Chrome extension catalog, Bookmark Manager replaces Chrome’s drab default bookmarks tool with a fresh card-based interface featuring bold colors and a touch of Material design.
Once installed, you can click on the star icon displayed on the right side of the address bar – a.k.a the omnibox – to instantly add a web page to your bookmark collection. Alternatively, you can simply hit Ctrl+D on Windows or Cmd+D on Mac.

In essence, the new Bookmark Manager delivers the same functions you get from the default bookmark tool, with a couple of extra niceties, like Auto Folders. This feature groups your bookmarked pages based on topic – for instance, if you have lots of pages about Google, Bookmark Manager will create a “Google” auto folder. There’s also a Google-powered search box for digging deeper into your collection.

To get the Manager : Get it here

Enjoy !
Enjoy !

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