Microsoft’s Cortana for Android got leaked!

Microsoft was planning to release Cortana for Android & iOS. But it appears that the app for Android just got leaked. So I gave the app a try. And I loved it.

Visually, the app is very similar to the one in Windows. It’s very minimal and easy to use. When you open the app, it shows a card of the latest information which is pretty neat.


Personally I prefer Google Now, because it features Google Search and Now Cards but Cortana gives you almost the same package with one thing Google Search/Now doesn’t give. It can be your personal assistant. It can tell you a story, jokes, etc. For example just say “tell me a joke” to Cortana and Cortana will tell you one and I find these features quite amusing.

This app is not available at the Google Play right now, but the leaked app’s apk file can be downloaded from the link right below.
Hey guys, try this. After you install this, just ask Cortana “what is love” and her reply will be hilarious.


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