Apps you must have on your Android

These past weeks I have switched from a couple of ROMs to another, and every time I flash a ROM, there is a certain hole that is left in my Android. A void that cannot be filled without some certain apps. Today I’d like to give you a list of all those apps. The list is not that huge. These are just simple apps that I’ll always carry around backed up.

1. 1Mobile Market
The best alternative app store. 1Mobile features a variety of apps that are scanned and verified. It also features cracked APKs that can be downloaded. However I have encountered some games that doesn’t work. But when it comes to apps, it works just fine, plus it has a tinted status bar which makes it look good.

2. Cabinet BETA
The most simplistic and beautiful material file manager out there. Cabinet is free, without any ads. It has material design and you can customize it pretty well. When it comes to the functions, it works as well as any other file manager. The reason I chose this is because it is free, and has material design.

3.  Greenify
If you have a phone that is rooted, and if you care about your phone’s battery. You are not gonna regret having this app. We like to use apps, however we do install apps that we don’t always use. These apps then tends to run in the background. Which can suck a significant amount of your battery’s charge. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With Greenify, you can just hibernate them after every time you use it. This app works without root but you are not gonna like how it works. But it does the same job.

4. Google Keep
The reminder and notes manager by Google Inc. Keep is a simple, material design featured app aimed to replace other notes or reminder apps like Wunderlist or Trello. To be fair, I have tried Wunderlist and Trello. But the reason I’m sticking with Google Keep is because it’s very minimal and user friendly. It also has a web version [Google Keep on Web] and a Chrome app. All the notes get synced to Google servers, so you will always keep in touch (pun).

5. Musixmatch
There is not much to say about this, this is a music player which displays synced lyrics. But I use this to download album arts for songs and edit their information. It’s a great app thought. It has material design, a nice UI. I just don’t feel like using it as my default music player.

6. MX Player
This is the best video player our there. I love MX Player, it’s simple, nice and easy to use. It has material design and it supports a lot of video files. It can view subtitles. MX Player also features gestures to control the volume, brightness and playback. You can lock it while watching movies and you can even play videos songs in the background.

7. Phonograph
Phonograph is my default music player. I chose Phonograph because it has a nice UI, it downloads artist and album photos via Which makes the app visually stunning. It’s a free app, without any ads. You can also customize it to change a few settings.

8. Pocket
If you are the type of guy who likes to read stuff on the internet, then Pocket is the app for you. Pocket let’s you read things, in style. Let’s say you are roaming around Facebook and you just saw a pretty nice article but you don’t have the time to read it. Darn it, what do I do? You can Pocket it, so that you can read it later on your phone. Pocket has material design and a simple UI. Pocket can also be used in Chrome as an app, or even on in the web. It syncs the articles in all of your devices. You can archive the stuff you already read. You can change the themes and fonts. There is also a pro version with more features. It’s a really cool app!

9. RAR
The ultimate file manager for zip files, it’s simple, it has material design and it’s really good at doing it’s job. Which is why I love it.

10. Relay for reddit (free) “with ads”  – (pro) “ad free”
If you are a redditor, you will love Relay. This app also features material design. It lets you manage your reddit account, upvote them and downvote posts.

11. SeriesGuide
This is the app any TV show addict must have. SeriesGuide is a material design featured app that let’s you keep in track of the TV shows that you have watched, and haven’t. It can sync your information to trakt so you won’t lose them and stay in sync. But if you don’t want to sign up to trakt, you can always back-up your data. However, there is this one con. It’s free version theme is dark. If you want the light theme, you will need to purchase the pro version. But either way, this is an app you must have.

12. Shazam
Do you like music? If so, you’ll need Shazam to discover some good music. Shazam will help you find songs that you hear from radio or TV with just a single touch.

13. SoundCloud
Again, if you like music, you are gonna need SoundCloud as well. SoundCloud is like a social app but for music. You can upload your sounds, such as your own music or a cover for a song and others can play it, like it, comment it and even share it to your feed so your friends can try them out. Lot’s of major artists use SoundCloud and they upload some really cool songs.

14. Sync.ME
Sync.ME features material design as well, but I only use this to sync contact’s photos from Facebook. Since most of my friends doesn’t use Google+.

15. TunnelBear VPN
TunnelBear lets you change your VPN so that you can browse privately and download all the apps that you cannot download from your current location from Google Play.

16. Units
Units is a simple unit converting app. As a physics student, converting one unit to another occurs on a daily basis, at class or even at home. But if you have Units, it can save your time by easily converting stuff for you. It’s also free, so you have nothing to lose.

17. URL Shortner for []
I always share links to my friends that are shortened. And this app let’s you manager your short URLs. Yes, this app also has material design.

18. VSCO Cam®
VSCO cam is a photo editing app that is free in the Google Play Store. This app has really cool editing tools and filters. I never use Instagram filters, because they suck. But VSCO, these guys make good stuff. If you are tired of the free filters, you can always purchase new ones.

19. Wikipedia
I bet you all know what Wikipedia is. The free encyclopedia has their own app now. I always discover new things through the internet and I always learn more from Wikipedia, it’s free and it’s for everyone.

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