About us

We blog for fun.

Initially, I started this blog as a solo project until my bro Tricc12  joined me on this expedition. And after a while another yet, also a “tech-wizardly person” code-named Rumple007 also decided to join us.

We don’t intend to make this into a fancy blog. We are doing this as a hobby. As to do something productive in our lives.

I was always fascinated by the updates and features of certain tech. Both me and Rumple007 are student taking A’ levels. Even though Rumple007 and I study science, we are quite interested in tech, especially Android. Tricc12 knows more about tech stuff than me, he works on maintenance while I and Rumple007 try to write stuff as much as we can. (In our part time)

I’m not expecting much from this blog. You’re probably reading this either by coming here by a mistake or by random. I’m not a tech wizard. But I do love tech and so does Tricc12 and Rumple007. I always wanted to blog about something. It took me an year to finally decide a topic to blog about and I’m finally doing it. (so excited!!!)

Well that is all about us, if you plan to just read this blog (for no reason at all or because you want some tech news, or reading something fun and entertaining) just follow this blog via your email.


Hardwelling, Tricc12 & Rumple007

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