How to get the Material Design Bookmark Manager On Chrome

Well, since Google reverted back to the old Bookmarks Manager, here’s a tip for anyone who like the previous Manager. Continue reading

Make your Android look BETTER with a different Resolution (DPI)

Because of Android’s massive array of supported smartphones that carry vastly different display sizes and resolutions, the operating system uses a value known as DPI to determine the size of icons and visual assets that will best suit a given screen. Continue reading

How to access the US or UK Google Play Store from Anywhere

A problem for users outside the US and UK is that some of the services from the Google Play Store is not available in their countries. The solution to this problem is to use a VPN service to access the UK/US Google Play Store to access the app and service. And today I’m going to tell you a secure way to access the UK/US Play Store. Continue reading

HTC One M9+ (& S6 Plus!) review by MKBHD.

Today, white I was browsing on YouTube; one of the coolest tech reviewer MKBHD has uploaded a video of reviewing the M9+ and showing some photos of the Galaxy S6 Plus. And right that second I knew that I had to share this on my blog. So I’ll leave a link below so that you guys can watch it, or go straight to YouTube from the link.

There is another video of M9+ by Unbox Therapy.

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Windows 10, forever.

Windows 10 will be the last major Windows release, with all subsequent updates issued as regular installments, Microsoft has confirmed.

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